InterART... an interactive art experience which builds a bridge between viewer and artwork, between collector and artist - a collaboration of our collective creative expression. 

As a play between "interaction" and "art," InterART is a chance for the public to both engage and participate directly with me as an artist. The result is a multi dimensional artwork that represents the connections that happen between us when we create together in a community. Since every community will create differently, every experience of InterART will be unique and its outcome dynamic.    

Avenues to participate will be posted on social media and added here. Past events have been at Galeria Contrast in Barcelona, the Creativity ProjectThe Affordable Art Fair and WOWA Festival, in Amsterdam.

photo credits: Amsterdamming

InterART has included mixed media collage and, now, in its newest version, it focuses solely on the act of painting. At the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam, InterART will be a combination of live-painting and collaborative participation. The intention is to give viewers an opportunity to engage directly with a working artist while challenging themselves to explore the same materials that are being used to create.

The flexible format of InterART makes it perfect for events and venues that strive to explore real engagement between viewers and an artist. By allowing an artist to create and interact with your public in a natural way, there is opportunity for creating both a deeper appreciation for art as well as a lasting and memorable experience for everyone involved.