photo courtesy of Alan Nguyen

Petra Ann Benach

Studio: Broedplaats ACTA 


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You can watch my Creative Mornings talk and check out some other work - Foundations,  Installations and ARTsy WORDS. Follow me on social media channels for current work in process and musings. But to really know me you have to ask me about my grandmother, Sophie Forsman



Petra makes art.

Petra Benach (pea-trah, pie-trah) is a self-taught mixed media artist from California. She began painting and drawing at the age of 13, though entered UCSC as a Math major. While in Santa Cruz, Petra took classes in art, creative writing, anthropology and women studies

Petra graduated from Sonoma State University in northern California with a degree in Humanistic Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy. After graduating she moved to San Francisco and began studying painting with artist Glenn Hirsh through UC Berkeley. In 2002 she rented her first studio space in Dog Patch while working as an accounting consultant. 

Petra relocated to Amsterdam in 2011 where she established exposingARTS, which allowed her to be surrounded by amazing artists and the galleries/people that support them. 

If you're in town, contact her for a visit to the studio.