InterART... an interactive art experience which builds a bridge between the viewer and artist by inviting the public to explore the act of painting in a relaxed environment. The result is a piece of art that represents the connective process of creating together. Since every community will create differently, every experience of InterART will be unique and its outcome dynamic.    

The flexible format of InterART makes it a perfect offering for events and venues that strive to offer their audience a chance to unwind and explore painting. By allowing an artist to create and interact with your public in a natural way, there is opportunity for creating both a deeper appreciation for art as well as a lasting and memorable experience for everyone involved. 

Past events have been hosted by Galeria Contrast, Creativity ProjectThe Affordable Art Fair and WOWA Festival and the IIeX EU Conference.

You can find out more about the development of the project and Petra by watching her Creative Mornings presentation.