M2M #1, "Known" for Molly Quell.

I met Molly Quell while networking through the AABC, she's a multifaceted woman and has been recently redesigning the esthetic of her home, creating an environment full of original art from the many artists that she knows. When she contacted me to do a Made to Measure she was looking to fill the space above her bed and was attracted to my variety of abstraction. 

We set up a studio visit for her to identify the elements of abstraction that she found appealing in my work and after a visit to her house to see her environment, she and I worked together to create "Known."

"Known" is 90 x 50cm and combines many textures as well as a coded poem chosen by Molly that reflects her personal perspective. I often use text as an artistic layer in my paintings and code the alphabet to be able to remove the distraction of READING the painting - in this case, Molly knows exactly what it says.

In a round of revisions, Molly and I worked together to shift the color palette and create more texture in the piece. The end result is a painting that has multiple layers of complexity and beautifully illustrates the uniqueness of her environment and personality - it is a perfect example of the Made to Measure process.